True Beauty

​She was the most beautiful person I’d ever laid eyes upon.

Her hair ruffled in the wind,

Her makeup all gone,

But there was something about her eyes……

I just couldn’t look away from them, 

Coz they showed me how happy she was to be here with me.

I felt truly blessed to have her in my life.

She did not just fulfill the duties of being a girlfriend,

But also became my mother at hard times,

A teacher when I was wrong,

And a guide when I lost my path in life.

She never let me face my problems alone.

But always stood by me and supported me through it all.

She gave me a purpose in life.

She changed me from the boy I was yesterday to the man I am today.

She was an angel that God sent down to help me at all times.

Every time I looked at her,

I fell a little more in love with her innocence of heart and responsibility of mind. 

She had the heart of a child and the mind of a mother.

With her,

I felt like a complete man.

The care she showed me,

And the love she showered me with,

Was way beyond expression of words.

Every time I looked at her,

The world around me seemed to come to a halt,

And time froze.

Everything around me looked beautiful,

Coz the definition of beauty stood before me.

Beauty was no longer about looks to me,

It was about the heart,

It was about the soul.

And she had both of it.

When she was around I always felt positive,

I felt capable,

And I wanted to push myself harder in life.

Having a girlfriend is not just about getting physical,

It’s about getting emotional.

There lies the true beauty of a relationship.

I just hope to keep her as happy as she is today for the rest of our lives together.

And I will be by her side when she is having a rough time.

I hope to give her all the joys of life,

And the happiness that she deserves.

I will live up to be the man of her dreams. 


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