I Survived

It was dark,
And the road seemed to be deserted.

I thought of calling dad,

But I was just a few streets away from home……

The day had begun on a beautiful note.

I had a reunion with my high school friends……

It had been years since all of us met,

As we were all busy people now.

Busy with our own lives,

Or rather busy making our own lives.

It was really nice to take a look back,

And walk down memory lane together.

I missed the kid that I used to be,

Coz with growing up comes great responsibilities.

We spoke about our little lives over lunch,

And I was glad to see that all of us were happy with where life had taken us,

And our parents too were proud of us.

It was pretty late by the time we were done.

I took a bus back home.

My bus stop was a few streets away from home.

I got off the bus,

And slowly walked back.

I was exactly two streets away from home now.

As I turned to look back,

I saw a car at the corner of the road behind me.

I turned in front and walked ahead,

As the car came to a halt beside me.

The door opened,

And I was quickly dragged in.

With a hand covering my mouth,

To prevent me from screaming.

But I froze in fear!

It took me a while to even register what was happening around me.

For a minute I was fighting back men,

It was four on one.

I was obviously the weaker one,

And the odds were in their favor,

So they got what they wanted.

I felt numb mentally,

But was in pain physically.

They threw me back at the same spot where they had kidnapped me.

I lay there like a vegetable,

Limp and lifeless.

When I woke up,

I was in the hospital.

I was told that I was found lying on the road,

Two streets away from home,

Completely bruised and unconscious.

I was immediately rushed to the hospital,

And my parents were informed.

They quickly rushed to the hospital,

To see their little princess in the broken state she was in,

To stay by her side and comfort her.

And that day I lost the little faith on humanity that was still left in me……

I wasn’t sad,

I was extremely angry.

I was going to fight for what was mine,

And make sure they got that they deserve.

This time I wasn’t going to quit,

Not until I get my justice.

And I was proud to call myself a survivor.