A Heartfelt Confession

My heart skipped a beat at the sound of his voice,

And when it was combined with my name,

There was no better feeling than that.

Each time I saw him,

I blushed a little more,

And smiled a little wider.

It was so evident,

That even I could feel the burning in my cheeks.

Even just the sound of his name,

Sent butterflies fluttering excitedly in the hollow of my stomach.

I just couldn’t bring myself to look into his eyes……

They seemed to hypnotize me,

And I felt lost in them,

There was so much to explore in them,

And so much more to understand.

 But now I could see beyond that too,

The sorrow,

The pain,

The confusion,

The struggle,

The sacrifice,

And the fire to achieve.

All these things which he has been hiding from the world,

Is a part of him which he has now unveiled to me.

He was one of the strongest people I have ever known,

And I’ve seen him grow up tremendously as a person,

While he also helped me grow up as an individual.

I have loved him ever since the first time we met,

But was afraid to admit it even to myself.

Afraid of getting hurt,

But he has taught me that getting hurt is a part of growing up,

It is a part of becoming stronger,

And most importantly,

A part of becoming me.

I’ve also learnt to fight a little harder,

Laugh a little louder,

Smile a little wider,

And live a little happier.

He always wore a smile on his face,

Irrespective of how fierce the battle on his insides was.

He believed in himself,

And encouraged me to push myself harder.

The confidence with which he faced life and all its challenges,

Has definitely inspired me.

He knew his strengths and weaknesses,

But he never let his weakness put him down,

He never let it over power his strengths.

And he was my biggest strength,

My source of encouragement.

I could see the responsibilities that lay ahead of him,

I would never stand in his way,

I would never hinder his responsibilities.

I will push him to reach his goals,

And fulfill his responsibilities.

Coz now,

They weren’t his alone,

They were ours.