​I met you in the most awkward stage of life,

It was called childhood.

We developed a relationship which was out of this world, 

And called it friendship.

As we grew up our bond became stronger.

And we slowly began discovering ourselves.

And with this we discovered the beauty of our friendship too.

All of a sudden you wanted to take things a little forward.

But I didn’t,

And at the same time I did not have the heart to turn you down.

So I quietly nodded to what you said.

And the smile that you gave me in return made my day.

We knew our limits though,

And never even dreamed of crossing it.

And this made me like you a little more,

But I told myself that this wasn’t love.

Then came a day,

Probably a test we had to pass.

Some other girl held your interest more than I did. 

I didn’t want to play the blame game,

And so I set you free.

That was when I realized how deeply I loved you.

I believed that if our love was true,

Cupid would be responsible enough to bring you back to me.

And so it happened!

You realized the value of my love and came back to me with sincere apologies. 

And we were back together again!

I was extremely happy and told myself that only happiness would follow,

But fate had other things in store for us.

Our love was put to test again.

We began to see our responsibilities more clearly,

But our priorities remained the same.

We stood by each other through thick and thin,

Our joys and sorrows were shared,  

Joys doubled and sorrows halved.

We did have our share of misunderstandings too,

But that did not alter our love for each other.

It instead drew us closer to each other.

There came by many obstacles,

But we stood up to face it together.

 With hope in our hearts and strength in our minds,

Hand in hand we stood.

We believed that we could face it all  if we were together.

Some defined it as friendship,

Some called it love.

But to me,

It was a fairytale that every girl would wish to have.

But I was lucky enough to call this fairytale mine.


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