Our Happily Ever After

​Her eyes were as brown as chocolate,

And the sunlight only made it look lighter.

I was afraid to look into them,

Afraid that I would lose myself in them.

But after looking into her eyes,

I was afraid to look away.

What if she was only a dream?

Or perhaps an illusion?

What if I looked away,

And she disappeared?

She was too beautiful to be real,

And too good to be mine.

Her eyes were light, beautiful and mysterious.

It held a story of its own,

A story I was yet to discover.

I want to wake up to her beautiful face every morning.

To understand her better,

And discover a little more of her every single day.

I want to stay in bed,

Cuddling up with her on cold mornings,

And just stay there enjoying the weather with her.

I want to go on long drives together,

On a perfectly sunny morning.

I want to spend an eternity with you.

But to love you,

An eternity will not suffice.

You have an impossibly beautiful soul.

And ever since,

The word impossible has lost all meaning.

A soul so pure and magnificent,

That it makes me want to be a better person for you.

It makes me want more of you each day.

Your love for me,

Makes me feel complete.

It gives me the strength to fight against all odds,

And the courage to face the world,

With a new outlook,

A new zeal,

And a new enthusiasm.

I feel infinite with you.

I see a future together,

A future we’ve been dreaming of,

Ever since we met.

We know that this journey to our future isn’t going to be easy.

We’ve got to fight harder!

And for that,

We need a lot of love,

And a little bit of trust.

But that is something we already have in abundance.

At the end of the day,

It is definitely going to be worth the effort.

And together,

We will live our happily ever after. 


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