Lost Soul

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick……

Said the clock,

While anxiety threatened to engulf her.

She cried and whimpered and kicked in her sleep,

Fighting the demons of her darkness.

Panic rose within her unconscious self,

And she screamed herself awake.

Clamy beads of sweat broke out all over her face,

While she sat upright,

Trying to make sense of her unnamed fear.

She looked around for some explanation,

But found none.

She tried to calm herself and go back to sleep,

But eventually this unexplained fear became a part of who she was.

She always let her tears flow freely,

Holding nothing back.

“She cries at the drop of a hat!”,

They thought.

And anxiety smirked at them.

Her heart raced at the slightest of noise,

And her muscles tensed,

As though preparing her to fight an unseen predator.

But little did she know,

That this predator could easily out smart her,

If she didn’t run for help soon enough.

These strange feelings,

She couldn’t name.

Her ignorance was her biggest flaw.

She found solace in isolation,

But the fear wouldn’t abandon her.

She could take this no more!

All it took was a slit of her wrist,

To bring her the calm she was longing for.

Anxiety laughed wickedly at its victory,

While they wept over her lost soul.

Another illness ignored,

Another life destroyed.