Poisoned Existence

I ​lay there on my bed,

Staring at the ceiling in complete silence,

But within my head,

It was complete chaos.

And the chaos was all about you.

Pieces of me fought against each other,

And it was all for you.

“Let go!” said the brain,

“Hold on!” said the heart.

While I sat there,

Lost in an endless sea of confusion,

I got engulfed in yet another wave of chaos.

Chaos for the first time felt beautiful to me.

You were like a drug to me,

And you poisoned my existence in the most beautiful way possible.

This left me thinking about you,

And only you,

All the time.

My little world was filled with you,

In fact you were the only thing that existed in my world.

I was afraid to stay,

But I was also afraid to leave.

I found 99 reasons to leave,

But the one reason that you gave to make me stay,

Was everything that I’ve ever wanted to hear from you.

And that one reason,

Was love.

But I’m glad you made me stay……

Coz if not for you,

My existence would still have been poisoned,

But in a way,

That I wouldn’t have known what it felt like to be alive.

All I would have known to do,

Was exist.