Cry Of Pain

In a society that considers men as the pride of its country,

A woman’s voice often goes unheard.

Our society,

That more often than not teaches its women to sit properly,

Seldom taught its men to see properly.

A woman is told to dress appropriately ,

But how often is a man asked to behave appropriately?

And maybe that is why he takes the liberty to treat her as he pleases,

Maybe that is why he thinks it’s alright to touch her inappropriately.

It’s alright to grope her,

It’s alright to graze past her.

It’s alright to harass her,

It’s alright to humiliate her.

Cause who really cares about her anyway?

All that really matters to a society,

Is the so called pride of its country.

Her anguished cry of pain is silenced,

Just like her hopes and dreams.

Her right to expect the respect she deserves,

Has become void,

Empty and painful.

But no unholy act can reduce the holiness of her sanctuary.

Her body is her sanctuary,

Not your object of pleasure.

For sooner or later she will stand up for herself,

And her silence will scream,

Scream louder than anything you’ve ever heard before……

And your sanity will not survive her turbulence.


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