Every night she lay panting on her floor,

Curled up in a ball,

Clutching her sides together,

To keep herself from falling apart.

But that was an inevitable part of her nights,

An inevitable part of herself.

And as the rain came down with all its intensity,

So did she……

Her pain came out in little sobs,

While her heart broke down to rubble.

She was the purest form of love,

The incarnation of kindness.

She wore her heart on her sleeve,

And her emotions on her face,

For she was beauty at its finest.

But not everyone is capable of appreciating beauty,

This she failed to understand.

And so they easily managed to shread her apart,

Into unrecognizable bits of her former self,

Broken and disoriented.

Every night she tore herself apart,

Blaming herself for things she wasn’t responsible for.

Even in her misery,

She was only making their lives easier.

Could she get anymore vulnerable?

Anymore human?

They took her vulnerability as a sign of weakness,

But it was her biggest strength,

It was a part of who she was.

Her vulnerability gave her the opportunity to put her pieces back together,

In ways she’d never thought was possible,

After every break down,

Coz she drew her strength from her so called weakness.

All this she did in the darkness of the night.

But when the sun rose,

So did she…..

While the sun lit up the sky,

She illuminated the lives of people.

Putting her broken pieces back together,

She stood,

Whole and indestructible.


And wiser than she’s ever been.


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