Daddy Dearest

​When a mother carries you in her womb for nine months,

A father is a person who carries you in his heart forever.

The joy the father experiences when his child gently kicks him on his chest with her tiny feet,

Is beyond explanation.

He takes pride in carrying her around on his shoulders.

She makes him proud in all that she does.

He admires her innocence,

And his love for her is everlasting.

The bond shared between them is very special.

Her father is very dear to her,

And close to her heart.

He is her best friend,

Her pillar of support,

Her secret keeper,

Her philosopher,

Her inspiration,

Her shoulder to lean on to,

Her comforter,

Her mentor,

Her counselor,

And her role model.

Her idea of a man,

Is the person she sees her dad to be.

Dads are superheroes!

They juggle between so many problems on a daily basis,

Be it at work,

Or at home,

And still provide us with all that we need.

Switching between ‘the happy go lucky’ to the responsible attitude is something they excel at.

They accept life with all its problems,

And make it perfect at the end of the day.

Their ‘bring it on’ attitude when it comes to resolving a problem inspires us.

The man of her dreams is completely based on the character of her dad.

If not for them,

Our lives would have been a complete mess,

And if not for them,

Our life is meaningless.


One thought on “Daddy Dearest

  1. Thank you dear Div… Being a father really is ‘nt all that easy.. To choose between just being good & being responsible, I guess I have lost a bit of my identity itself. But yes, I still would strive to be the Best dad you can have… Luv the two of you always.

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