Just The Way You Are

We live in a world made up of expectations,

We are slaves to the expectations of the people around us.

You are expected to look perfect,

Have perfect grades,

Have perfect behaviour,

And be perfect at everything you do.

Mediocre is not accepted here.

There is no place for that curvy girl with a beautiful heart,

Cause looks are what impress people.

No place here for that boy who is an aspiring dancer with average grades,

Cause who cares about your passion anyway,

Good grades is the only thing that matters.

There is absolutely no place here for that crazy girl with a wild soul,

Cause wild is taboo,

And a tamed soul is what is accepted.

If one of these people sound like you,

This is not the place for you.

We are expected to fulfill the expectations of others,

But our own dreams?

Nobody cares.

We’re all losing bits and pieces of ourselves,

In this rat race of fulfilling another’s expectations.

And eventually,

There is nothing left of the real you.

Your true essence is long gone.

Is that who you want to be?

A mere illusion of all their expectations.

I’d ask you to be yourself ,

And stand up for who you are.

But here I am struggling to find my own identity.

But that doesn’t stop me from fighting to be the person I believe I am.

Change is good,

But not if you lose yourself in the process of pleasing everyone else.

The skeletal remains of the old you rattles somewhere deep inside that old closet.

Begin your search,

And find yourself.

Cause you are beautiful,

Just the way you are.


One thought on “Just The Way You Are

  1. Dear point noted…. would say that change is the only thing which is constant but still one can be oneself without losing one ‘s identity . There’s always a middle path ….

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