Our Little Forever

​She was my most prized possession.

I loved her immensely,

With all my heart,

And all my soul.

We got to know each other through a mutual friend,

And in the very first sight I was head over heels in love with her.

She had an aura of joy around her,

And a very contagious smile.

Both of which she carried around with her under all circumstances,

That it became a part of her.

This drew a lot of people to her.

She had a very persistent character,

And never gave up.

She was a woman of strong will.

Her eyes were beautiful,

And her soul magical.

It was something I couldn’t get enough of,

And I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

I wanted her to be mine,

But I didn’t have the courage to ask her……

I gathered all my courage and went up to her,

To confess my love for her.

To my surprise,

She took it in good spirits,

And said that she too had to confess something to me.

She told me that she too loved me,

But was being diagnosed with cancer,

And she didn’t know how much time she had left here.

This literally tore me apart.

Why was this happening to her?

She was such a wonderful person!

And she never let her problems get in her way of helping others.

In spite of knowing that she was going to die,

She was so happy.

She stood face to face with death,

And it did not scare her.

I decided to make the best of her little time left here.

I wanted to make her feel special,

And lead a normal life like all the other women out there.

So I told her that I loved her in spite of it all,

And I wanted to marry her.

I wasn’t doing this out of pity,

But for the love I had for her.

She hesitated at first,

But agreed later.

We got married with the prayers and blessings of our loved ones.

We had a lovely time together,

The result of which was our beautiful baby girl.

And then the struggle began.

Her cancer got worse,

As it sucked the life out of her bit by bit.

I couldn’t see her like this,

But she suffered in silence.

And finally peace came to her,

As her soul departed us.

But she continues to live in our hearts,

And the hearts of many others.

I was left shattered,

With our beautiful angel she left behind for me.

I had to look after her,

And give her all the love in the world.

She was my only belonging now,

The only memory of my beloved,

And the reason why i’m still alive.

We knew we didn’t have a forever together,

But the little time we had together felt infinite.

It was our little forever.


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