A Forever Kind Of Love

He meant the world to me.

We were friends at first,

But we felt something more than that for each other.

We didn’t confess it though,

For the fear of losing the other.

That is how much we valued each other’s presence in our respective lives.

I love him more than anything else in this world.

It was love at first sight,

In fact love at every sight for me.

I fell deeper in love with him every time I saw him.

He was a gentleman at heart,

He knew how to treat women,

And that was the best part about him.

Every minute we spent together was very special for me.

He made me feel special,

And I felt loved.

With him,

I felt like I belonged,

And in him I found a home.

Then came the day when he confessed his love for me,

And I told him I loved him too.

It wasn’t like how it was in the movies,

Wind in our hair,

And music in the backdrop.

But it was magical in its own way,

Coz it was our special moment.

Then on it was paradise for me.

Not in the materialistic way,

But in the emotional way.

It was not the kind of relationship where you go out on dates or spend money on each other.

It was more about spending time with each other.

We prioritized love and spending quality time together.

In course of time,

We had fights and misunderstandings,

But never trust issues.

Coz love is all about trust,

And our love is what held us together.

He eventually began to distance himself from me.

And I was deeply worried.

He wouldn’t tell me what was wrong……

He then told me that he’d fallen in love with another woman.

 Was it that easy to fall out of love with one person,

As it was to fall in love with them?

For me it wasn’t.

He told me that he didn’t want to cheat me,

And that was why he was confessing this to me.

This confession only made me fall deeper in love with him,

His character.

I didn’t want to miss a guy this genuine.

But I wasn’t going to let that thought slip out of my mouth,

For the fear of complicating things,

More than it already was.

He was still a gentleman,

Coz he chose to stay honest about his feelings.

He could have two timed if he wanted to,

But he was honest both to himself and me.

Sadly things didn’t work out in his favor with the other woman.

We still had each other’s back.

I had a feeling that ours was a forever kind of love.

And I knew he would come back to me,

And I would wait for him,

For as long as it would take.

Coz I knew that our  love would bring us back together.


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