Forever Mine

His eyes were the shade of coffee beans.
It was so dark,

That it reminded me of dark chocolate,

Dark, beautiful and intense.

It felt magical to look into them,

Coz of the timeless beauty it held.

His hair all wet,

And stuck to his forehead,

From the light drizzle.

He was on his knees,

With a rose in hand,

Right before me,

In the rain,

On an empty street.

And I was here,

Standing in a daze.


We have known each other since childhood.

And he was constantly by my side,

Through every phase of life.

He has been there for me at all times.

Nursing me like a mother,

When I was upset.

Scolding me like a father,

When I was wrong.

Encouraging me to do the things I wasn’t sure of,

Like the best friend that he was.

He has played every possible role in my life,

Except for the one that he was on the verge of playing.

No one knew me as well as he did,

And no one understood me the way he did.

He’s always been putting up with all my drama and stupidity,

Without complaining the tiniest bit.

I’ve always dreamt of us together,

But end up dismissing the idea.

What if something went wrong?

I didn’t want to risk losing him for anything……

I couldn’t afford to!

He has been my backbone my entire life,

And surviving without him,

Was out of the question.

I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve a person like him.

Did I even deserve him in the first place?

To that I had no answer.

But he was here before me today,

Wanting the same thing that I did.

What was I going to tell him?

Was I going to risk it?

Even if I did,

Would it work out……?

As I thought all this through,

He waited patiently in the same position,

In the down pour.

Which was becoming heavier with every passing minute.

I looked at him with anxious eyes,

But I saw victory in his eyes.

He knew he’d won me over!

He smiled at me,

And nodded in understanding.

I told myself I could do this,

And I wasn’t going to lose him.

So I looked into his eyes,

And nodded with a huge smile.

He gave the rose to me,

Stood up,

And hugged me.

We stood there in the rain,

As I listened to the steady beating of his heart.

Which now belonged to me,

And will be mine alone forever.


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